About Us

Throughout the years, LWRC has been an institution of rowing and community to many coaches and rowers that have come from all backgrounds and gone on to become life-long recreational rowers or highly competitive international athletes.

Today, the majority of LWRC members are masters (age 22 and older) rowers with a spectrum of abilities ranging from beginner to elite. The common denominator throughout the membership is a love of the sport. The club takes pride in itself as a friendly, volunteer-based organization where experienced and novice rowers all thrive and feel comfortable. With its coaches and accomplished rowers, the club seeks to perpetuate its strong tradition of passing on technical skills and racing acumen. Doing its part to provide racing opportunities, LWRC co-hosts with the UW early each November the Head of the Lake Regatta. The largest fall regatta on the West Coast, it regularly attracts rowers from the Northwest, California, Canada, and elsewhere. This regatta is yet another example of LWRC fulfilling its legacy.

Lake Washington Rowing Club‘s primary purpose is to further the sport of rowing in the greater Seattle area. The scope of our activities extends from the training of people who have never rowed before to the training and development of Olympic-caliber rowers. The club has programs for recreational and competitive rowing for adults of all ages.

We offer everything from introductory classes for all, members or not, to programs specifically designed for members.


The Lake Washington Rowing Club offers an annual membership.   Members receive unlimited access to the facility, club equipment, all club social events and periodic newsletters.  LWRC is a not-for-profit organization and all members are expected to participate in club work parties, meetings, and equipment maintenance. As a club member, access to the boathouse and use of club equipment is very flexible.

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