Our History


Lake Washington Rowing Club has been a part of Seattle since 1957. LWRC was started by men who wanted to compete at the 1960 Olympics, in Rome. A team, representing LWRC, rowed in the 1960 Olympic Trials and some went on to represent the U.S. at the Olympic Games that year. 15 years ago dedicated members built a beautiful boathouse, to rival many, on the shores of Lake Union, in the Fremont neighborhood.

Women joined the Club in 1963, and in 1966 a group of nine LWRC women hosted and took second place at the first National Women’s Rowing Association (NWRA) Championships held on Green Lake here in Seattle. In 1969 the LWRC women won the NWRA Championships and traveled to Europe to compete in the World Championships.

Recreational and masters rowers and scullers since the 1970?s have swelled the membership of LWRC, bringing with them a wide variety of organizational and professional skills as well as a considerable measure of stability and support.

Until 1975, LWRC operated from rowing facilities located on the University of Washington campus. In 1975 LWRC purchased a floating slip that was previously used for yacht building. After four months of labor by dedicated club members the slip was transformed into the LWRC floating boathouse. This boathouse could only house a few fours, doubles, and singles, and was always considered a temporary home. Even with minimal facilities, LWRC membership grew rapidly to more than 200 people.

In 1987, LWRC leased an unimproved warehouse in the Fremont area of Seattle. Members again pitched in, converting an empty warehouse into a boathouse, and constructing a dock suitable for launching racing shells.

In 1995 LWRC realized a longstanding goal with the dedication of a beautiful boathouse on the north shore of Lake Union. This is also one of the largest boathouses in the Puget Sound Area. The Club continues to maintain the floating boathouse on Garfield Street that was used as a temporary home.


Today, our non-profit club is a place for men and women who love the sport of rowing.   We specialize and excel in masters rowing. Our boathouse is home to post graduate rowers, national champions, mom’s and the newly initiated. We hope to pass on a strong tradition of technical skill and racing acumen, following the examples of our experienced coaches and long time members.  We also strive to build community and support those who have yet to come through our door. LWRC welcomes everyone at any level.