Meet Our Coaches

Bill Tytus


In the 1960’s, Bill Tytus was an avid sculler while pursuing his degrees from the University of Washington and Harvard University. In 1969, he placed second in the Diamond Sculls event at Henley, and was a member of the US National Team from 1969-1971. He is featured in the 1974 movie, A Symphony of Motion, (and A Symphony of Motion Part II) along with George Pocock, Stan Pocock, Harry Parker, and Ted Nash. As President of Pocock Racing Shells since 1985, Bill is focused on how to make boats move faster through the water.

Theresa Batty


I’ve been coaching rowing, both sweep and sculling for 29 years. I’ve coached Jr’s, Collegiate and masters rowers from novice to national team hopefuls.  Prior to that I coached alpine skiing for 12 years. I enjoy the challenge of teaching people how to do something new and demanding with their bodies. Learning to row  is not as easy as it appears. It requires a relaxed but enthusiastic (or childlike) mindset. The more willing the student is to be relaxed and completely present, the sooner they will progress, and enjoy the experience. Whether rowing a sleek single or in an eight, at any level, it offers a unique and rewarding experience that I hope to offer and make available to whomever wants to try it.

Theresa coaches All Levels Sculling in the morning, Evening League,  LWRC Juniors, and is available for private coaching.

John Robinson

John Robinson

John Robinson

“LWRC is a good model of human endeavor…participatory, fair, introspective, respectful, supportive, giving. Frank was the beacon of civility that drew us to that high standard. At LWRC, it’s really about people – rowing is only the common language.”

Bill coaches LWRC intermediate to competitive scullers. The program is a training group for rowers who wish to improve their boat speed through technique with the support of conditioning. It emphasizes sculling, small-boat handling and race preparation. He coaches by keen observation and quiet instruction. This is old school coaching at its best!  Bill’s practice will be back in action in March 2016.

Most practices, you will find John Robinson in the launch with Bill adding his advice to the practice.

Andy Rees


Having been first exposed to rowing when I was a very young I knew that somehow I wanted it to be part of my life. In college I was able to make that a reality by joining the Binghamton Crew team as a freshman.  Being an athlete of both light-weight and open-weight crews I have been fortunate to compete both nationally and internationally; and enjoy seeing where my competitive journey here at LWRC will take me. As a coach, I believe that anyone can learn how to row regardless of their age or ability; apart from providing instruction I like to create a calm environment of encouragement and fun.  I look to forward meeting you; as an instructor and as a fellow rower.

Andy coaches Learn to Row and LWRC Juniors.

Hugh Lade

I rowed four years in college and twenty-one years at LWRC. From Frank Cunningham and Bill Tytus I learned sculling and, equally important, learned to constantly study the sport.

Everything you do in a boat has to make sense, and the details separate the best rowing from just good rowing. Satisfaction comes with both racing success and simply doing something well, and I want my students to achieve, and appreciate, skilled rowing.

Hugh coaches Learn to Row Next Strokes and is available for private coaching

Amy Hildebrandt

Amy Hildebrandt

I started rowing at Pacific Lutheran University and was hooked from day one. I rowed all 4 years at PLU before coaching for 2 years at my alma mater. Shortly after finishing coaching, I started rowing at LWRC with the Mixed Sweep Team. After rowing at LWRC for 2 years, I moved east for grad school and coached at Springfield College. I came back to Seattle in 2011 and started coaching for LWRC in 2013.

I feel very fortunate that I have been able to generate interest in rowing and in LWRC with my Learn to Row students, Race Camp rowers, and now with the Mixed Masters group. I hope I can continue keeping people interested and passionate about rowing, as I continue rowing, racing, and coaching at LWRC.

Amy coaches the Mixed Masters, Learn to Row, and Group Training. Amy is also available for private coaching and Personal Training.

Melissa Hayes


Melissa joined the rowing world as a coxswain in college and continued her coxing career with LWRC. She has coached and coxed for a number of Northwest programs at the master and junior levels, but has always maintained ties with LWRC. She has been a US Rowing referee, a coxswain, a coach, and rows in her free time. Melissa loves to be on the water with experienced and new rowers alike, and seeks to further the mission of LWRC introducing the public at large to the sport of rowing.

Melissa coaches the Juniors.

Brooke McCulloch


Brooke McCulloch began her career on the water in 2012 rowing for Seattle University. After rowing for six months she began coxing and has taken that seat ever since.In the summer of 2014, Brooke began coxing and coaching for Rocky Mountain Rowing Club in Denver, CO, working with their novice and competitive men’s programs. Since then, she has started working with Seattle U Women’s Rowing as a coxswain coach as well as coaching master’s for Duwamish Rowing Club.Brooke is excited for all of the opportunities that LWRC provides for its members as well as its programs and is always enthusiastic about training hard to row fast.
Brooke coaches the Mixed Masters and Learn to Row

Teddi McGuire

Version 2I have played sports my entire life but my first foray into rowing was in college. I started rowing when I walked on to the team my freshman year at Gonzaga University. I rowed for all four years before having to take a break after graduation to let my body heal from injuries. After a couple years I decided I missed rowing and its community too much and joined Lake Washington in 2015 in order to focus on sculling. I continue to sweep and scull competitively and Spring of 2017 was my first season coaching.

I love rowing and I am excited that I get the opportunity to introduce new rowers to the sport in the Learn to Row programs.

Teddi coaches LTR Sweep and LTR Next Strokes.

Private Coaching

lwrclogo Many of the LWRC coaches are available for private coaching sessions. Hire one of our expert coaches for a solo lesson. Private lessons are available for beginners as well as experienced rowers looking to improve their skills.  Once you purchase a private lesson, you will be contacted by an LWRC coach to arrange a time for your session.  If you have a coach preference, please contact the LWRC Office . You do not need to be a member of LWRC to take a private lesson.  However, you do need to complete a float test and sign the LWRC and USRowing waivers before your first lesson. Waiver and Float Test Forms

Coaches: Theresa Batty, Hugh Lade, Amy Hildebrandt
Practice: TBD with your coach

Private Lesson for 1 or 2 LWRC Member: $70 per 90-minute session Register
Private Lesson for 1 or 2 Non-Member: $80 per 90-minute session Register