Our Boathouses

Fremont Boathouse

Home to LWRC since October 1995, this facility holds the majority of our boats and equipment, and is the location for our classes and programs. We have three boat bays on the first floor, plus a workshop and workout area.  Upstairs we have shower facilities, plus office and member lounge as well as a full kitchen.

Our equipment includes wherries, singles, doubles, pairs, fours, quads and eights. We have general use club equipment available to all members, as well as restricted use racing equipment for those who have demonstrated proficiency. Members who own their own boats can also rent rack space. We have several coaching launches, and members who are interested in organized rowing workouts should try out our Programs.    Our trailer transports all equipment to regattas.

Garfield Boathouse

Moored along the banks of the southeastern shore of Lake Union, at the end of East Garfield Street, tucked between NOAA ships to the north and Lake Union Dry-Dock Co. to the south, lives Lake Washington Rowing Club’s original boathouse.

With a substantial floating dock that holds several of the club’s single and double wherries, the Garfield boathouse is home to an array of sculling shells: club trainers ( Harry); singles ; doubles (Cunningham, Thelen); wherries; and a number of privately-owned singles; The boathouse continues to faithfully serve as the launching and landing site for “a thousand ships.”