Donate to Lake Washington Rowing Club

During the Annual Meeting in January, we kicked off the 2019 Equipment Fund fundraising effort. To begin the year, LWRC has set the goal of raising $40,000 for an open weight racing quad and two sets of sweep oars.

Based on the generous contributions of LWRC members, $25,100 has been raised so far. This includes achieving our first milestone goal of reaching $20,000 by March!

Following are several ways you can donate to the Equipment Fund, both tax deductable and non-tax deductable. In addition to purchasing a boat and oars, this fund supports the club in reparing, replacing, and purchasing equipment that club members rely on and use regularly throughout the year for recreation and racing.

Review the list below and select an option that works best for you. All contributions make a diffference and contribute to maintaining our rowing equipment.

Thank you for your contribution!

Kelly Johnson
Fundraising Co-Chair

Tax Deductible Donations

Make a cash donation
Donate through a transfer of stock. If you would like to donate stock instead of cash, please reach ou tto the office for instructions on how to make this type of donation.

Non-Tax Deductible Donations

Purchase branded items including:

Make online purchases through Amazon Smile account.

Leverage company matching programs
for cash donations and/or volunteer hours.

If your company offers matching funds for volunteer hours, you can designate your volunteer donation for the Equipment Fund- Just let us know!

Charitable contributions to the Lake Washington Rowing Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization are tax deductible. LWRC is registered with the Washington State Secretary of State, tax ID #91-1028897. We rely on contributions to support the sport of rowing in our community. We have a number of funds so you can choose how your money is used. Make an online contribution or drop a check by our office. If your employer matches charitable contributions, let us know. Also, many employers will match your volunteer hours with a contribution. Donate

LWRC General Fund

Make a donation to the LWRC General Fund to be used in a way the board determines best serves the club. Donations to the LWRC General Fund are typically used for boathouse improvements. Donate to the General Fund

LWRC Equipment Fund

Donations to this fund are used to purchase a variety of equipment including boats and boat parts.  From 2015 to 2017 donations to the equipment fund were used to purchase a new Pocock Quad, a flyweight Maas, a launch, 3 launch engines, new sculling blades, 2 open water Bay 21s, an open weight Maas 27, 2 Pocock Fours and 2 Pocock doubles and we have outfitted the women’s racing 8+ ‘Emma Peel’ with new shoes. Memorial donations were used to name the Maas singles after club members Sherri Cassuto and Jim Roe, two very special members of LWRC who passed. Donate to the Equipment Fund

Frank Cunningham Legacy Fund

This very special fund was created to honor Frank Cunningham. Donations to this fund are used directly for the purchase of boats name for Frank or Jane Cunningham. Frank Cunningham was a coach, teacher and author. A member of the U.S. Rowing Hall of Fame, he was the 2010 recipient of U.S. Rowing’s Medal of Honor, and in 2011 the Washington State Senate honored him with a resolution for service as a teacher and coach. LWRC is proud to keep the Frank Cunningham legend alive by insuring there will always be a boat named after Frank or his wife Jane plying the waters of Lake Union. Donate to the Frank Cunningham Legacy Fund

Frank and Jane Cunningham Endowment Fund

Contributions to the Frank and Jane Cunningham Endowment Fund are used to create a permanent source of income for LWRC. Disbursements from this endowment fund are used to support the charitable, scientific, or educational purposes of Lake Washington Rowing Club.   Donate to the Frank and Jane Cunningham Endowment Fund

Francis Cunningham Endowment Fund

Contributions to the Francis Cunningham Endowment Fund are used to create a permanent source of income for LWRC. Disbursements from this endowment fund are used as supplementary funds for equipment or facilities or coaching of athletes preparing for national or international competition.   Donate to the Francis Cunningham Endowment Fund