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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities at LWRC

Help keep our volunteer spirit alive.  Our boathouse is member run and it takes every member contributing his/her time to keep our boathouse running smoothly. LWRC requires all members to volunteer at least 10 hours per year. Less than 1 hour per month!

Please check out the Volunteer Bulletin Board located next to the bathroom in the middle bay or contact the LWRC Office for current volunteer opportunities.

Learn to Row Volunteers

Another great volunteer opportunity is to help out with our many Learn to Row classes this year. Our LTR coaches are amazing but sometimes having an extra set of hands/eyes/voice helps the students have an even better, more fulfilling experience. We are looking for volunteers to help with boat handling, teach the basic rowing stroke, and generally keep our students safe!

We are asking our club members to come help out with the many classes starting March 14th. Information on class times are on the “Learn to Row” page. Spring classes are the only ones listed but will be similar for the rest of the year. We are in need of volunteers for all of our classes but mainly LTR Next Strokes (both AM and PM classes) and LTR Sweep. Another great way to fulfill your required 10 volunteer hours!

If you think you can help, even if it’s just a class or two or a day or two during the week, please contact Amy Hildebrandt.

UW Regatta Volunteers

BIG Thank You to everyone who helped with set-up, running, and breaking down every UW home regatta! There were four home regattas this year and each one took a massive team to keep it running smooth. Our Master Coordinator, Dave Rutherford, deserves the biggest shout out and HUGE thank you. Without his guidance, the starting platform could be in the middle of Lake Washington right now. THANK YOU EVERYONE!