HOTL Award Winners


All Points Awards
Francis Cunningham Junior All Points Cup
Frank Cunningham All Points Club Cup
Bob Ernst Collegiate All Points Cup
Masters All Points Cup

Collegiate and Open Awards
Womens Championship 8+ Cup Sponsored by Pocock Racing Shells
Ben Porter Mens Collegiate 8+ Cup
Mens Championship 4+  Cup Sponsored by Pocock Racing Shells
Mens Open 2x Cup
Womens Open 2x Cup
William Tytus Mens Open 1x Cup
Lucy Pocock Stillwell Womens Open 1x Cup



Junior Awards
Mens Junior 8+ Cup
Womens Junior 8+ Cup
Mens Junior 4+ Cup
Womens Junior 4+ Cup

Masters Awards
Sherri Cassuto Womens Masters 1x Cup
Gordon McWilliams Mens Master 1x Cup


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