HOTL Course

Download a detailed version of this year’s race course

The three-mile course starts in Lake Union at the College Club boathouse with Seattle’s iconic Space Needle in view. Rowers wind beneath the University Bridge into Portage Bay and through the Montlake Cut to Lake Washington where the course takes an exciting turn back toward Husky Stadium to the finish line near the entrance to Conibear Shellhouse at the University of Washington.

A shortened course is planned if inclement weather dictates.

Course Videos

HOTL 2016 Course Video

Made by the Everett Rowing Association. 

Best Views of the Race

The race can be viewed from the shore along most of its length. Best viewing spots are:

  • Along the Montlake cut
  • The start near College Club’s boathouse
  • Pocock Rowing Center.
  • University and Montlake bridges
  • Ivar’s on North Lake Union