LWRC Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Unlimited access to the LWRC boathouses 24/7
  • Unlimited use of over 60 club boats including training and open water singles, racing singles, pairs/doubles, open water doubles, four/quads, and eights
  • Row independently (18 years or older) or as part of a coached program (additional fee)
  • Competitive team rowing and recreational rowing
  • Fun team events including Head of the Troll, Outlaw Races, Ham ‘n Eggers
  • Storage racks for private rowing shells (additional fee)
  • Unlimited access to ergs and weight training equipment in a dedicated workout space
  • Race under the LWRC club name in local, regional, national, and international competition
  • Member lounge, locker room, and shower facilities
  • Members can reserve the Member Lounge for private meetings
  • Access to all club social events
  • Quarterly newsletter and informative eBulletins about club events and races
  • Opportunities for coaching
  • Voting rights at the annual meeting for qualified memberships
  • Guest privileges for qualified memberships
Please see Coached Program Fees or Storage Fees for additional pricing

Individual Membership

Full membership with guest and voting privileges.
First quarter of coaching included.
Annual payment: $840
Optional monthly payments: $70

Members Under 30
Annual payment: $612
Optional monthly payments: $51

Family Membership

Family members must live at the same address.
Full membership with guest and voting privileges. 1 vote per family.
Annual payment: $1260
Optional monthly payments: $105

One Month Trial Membership

Unlimited number of rows and access to the boathouse for 30 days.
Coaching included for no additional fee.
Not available to LWRC Alumni.
No voting or guest privileges.
You may purchase up to 3 trial memberships before becoming a full member.
Monthly payment: $130

Yearly Student Membership

Student members receive full membership benefits.
 First quarter of coaching included
Annual payment: $430.00
Optional Monthly payments: $36

Supporting Membership

Available to LWRC alumni or long distance members or members with a boat in high-storage.
Limited access to club boats (limited to 15 rows a year on your own or in a coached program for no additional fee).
For an additional fee, supporting members may store a boat in a high rack.
No voting or guest privileges.
Supporting Membership annual payment: $210.00

Gym Membership

Come enjoy our NEW upstairs workout space!
Unlimited access to club gym equipment only, no rowing privileges.
No contract length.
No voting or guest privileges.
Monthly payment: $35.00

** Free coaching applies to Masters Programs only