Masters Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Schedule

March 1 – May 31

Mixed Masters

Mon & Wed 6:00-8:00p

Sat 8:30-10:30a


Evening League

Tue & Thu 6:30-8:15p



Sculling: Intermediate to Competitive

Sat 6:30-8:00a


Sculling Skills

Tue & Thu 6:30-8:00a

May 15 – June 7


On the Water

Mixed Masters: All Levels

This program is designed for individuals who have completed one of LWRC’s Learn to Row programs, are getting back into rowing after a hiatus, and/or wanting to race with a group of like-minded individuals. Emphasis will be on skill development, technique, teamwork, and endurance. Practices will consist of drills and workouts derived from the drills. In general, the program will have a more Novice/Intermediate group and an Intermediate/Competitive group but will still be seen as one team. Multiple racing opportunities this Spring! 

Pre-requisite: Any LTR class, or recommendation from LTR coach. Individuals must be willing to sweep and scull on a regular basis.

Coaches: Amy Hildebrandt & Brooke McCulloch          Class Times: Mon. & Wed. 6:00-8:00p; Sat. 8:30-10:30a

Evening League: Intermediate to Advanced

This training program is for intermediate and advanced rowers. It is an inclusive group of varied levels committed to supporting each person to become a better rower. This group spends equal time between sculling and sweep to develop skills for more racing opportunities. Emphasis is on technique and developing stamina for racing. Enjoying the process of working together is highly valued in this group.

Coach: Theresa Batty                    Class Times: Tue. & Thu. 6:30-8:15p

Sculling: Intermediate to Competitive

The program is a training group for intermediate to advanced-level rowers who wish to improve their boat speed through technique with the support of conditioning. It will emphasize sculling, small-boat handling and race preparation. Bill Tytus, owner of Pocock Racing Shells and accomplished sculler in the 1960’s, along with John Robinson, coach by keen observation and quiet instruction. This is old school coaching at its best!

Coaches: Bill Tytus and John Robinson                Class Times: Saturdays 6:30-8:00a

Sculling Skills: All Levels

LWRC is offering a new 4-week sculling class for newer rowers that want to learn more about the sculling stroke and become more comfortable in a single or double scull. Sculling Skills is designed to: 1) advance your proficiency with boat handling, 2) increase your comfort on the water and, 3) help you set-up a boat to fit you properly. The program will focus on continuing your development of boat handling skills, exploring the rowing stroke through a number of tried-and-true drills and discussion sessions on where boat speed comes from. The course will include a textbook (Sculler at Ease) and some required homework. Since the program is focused on skill development it will not include any race training or fitness workouts. Program is open for non- and current club members. 

Pre-requisite: LTR Sculling, LTR Express, or recommendation from LTR coach. Must be comfortable rowing an Aero, Bay, or racing single.

Coaches: Dave Rutherford and John Robinson           Class Times: Tue. & Thu. 6:30-8:00a           May 15-June 7

In the Gym

Morning Strength Training

Morning strength training with personal trainer Rob Foreman. Build your overall endurance!

Drop-in classes available! Members can drop into classes if spaces are available the morning of the class. The office will track drop-in attendance and charge the number of classes attended to each member’s account at the end of each month. Drop-in class fee is $15.00.

Coach: Rob Foreman                         Class Times: Monday & Thursday 5:30-6:30 am